Flash Fiction – “Weathered”


She had been curled in a ball on the floor for over a day now, covering her ears with her hands. It hadn’t helped, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she would go completely insane. 

Will you just be quiet?  she screamed within herself  I don’t know what happened and it’s not my fault! 

This had happened to her after she had received word that the non-descriptive-uncle-that-she had only met once had left her a cabin out in the boondocks. The lawyer had been brief and concise, stating that it was ‘the last thing that he had ever owned in his life due to massive debts. It was the one thing that they did’t want.’  So, here she had been, looking at the massive decay around her and thinking off what she was going to do. 

She had debts of her own to pay, and having a cabin was not going to be in her best interests. She had still been fighting over student loans from college and then the massive medical bills that had been incurred by her ex-husband, Mark, whom she was still paying on as often as they could. But, selling the old place would have been a fresh start. She would have the money to keep the wolves away from the door. Even if it had only been for a little while. 

That was, until she noticed that small little;e crevice in the floor where the wooden planking had began to rot and waste away. She should have never lifted that board, she thought to herself. She should have never lifted it in the first place. She should have let the contractor come in and look it over himself or simply allowed him to bulldoze it without thinking. 

Anything to make the screaming stop. 

Looking over, she saw the darkness from the board as it had curled up from the years of weathering from the rain and snows. She had made the choice to look, and now she was regretting every second of it. What she had saw inside was where the screaming had been coming from. Oh God  she thought I am so sorry. I don’t know what to do. I AM SO SORRY! 

The screaming only intensified, and she forced herself to cover her ears that much harder. She wanted to die, it was so loud. It was beyond deafening. She couldn’t even barely think let alone call out to the emptiness that surrounded her. The nearest neighbor was ten miles away, and even as quiet as it was, the wooden log walls would have muffled her shouts. All she could do was lie there and shake. 

The blackness looked at her from under the floor. She dared not move or it would see her. It had only began to come forward when there was movement, such as a predator or something. It had not harmed her, but it would not leave her alone. It wanted her and  only her  with its small arms and hands outstretched in pleading. 

She lay there until there was one last gasp and she was gone. The screaming had then stopped and then there was a sort of playful giggling that came from the silence. It was then followed by a woman’s soft laughter and then the songs of a lullaby. 

There had been no one there, but a sudden movement of the plank as it was lifted and then tossed against a window, shattering it into a million pieces. Within the dark was a small bundle burlap sack with something small wrapped inside. Next to it, a simple straw doll with sewn in eyes and mouth. Atop it, a small faded parchment with the words ‘Forgive me’ written in old black ink. 

What her uncle had left to her had no mattered anymore, as she now knew why he no longer wanted the cabin. She had forgotten that he died while in an asylum for the criminally insane, sent there on the charge of murder. 


If You Ever Wanted To Know More About Me…..

I can easily say that my life has been a very long set of successful failures. Most importantly, in my social life as well. 

Since the day I  as born, my mother had always told me that I had always been a ‘happy boy, always smiling always laughing, always having a joke to tell or have a joke played on him.’ The real reason I did all those things: it was simply out of love. My wife has always told me that I have been a big-hearted cowboy since the day that we met. I very rarely get angry unless it calls for it, but most of the time I will give you everything that I have inside of me to others. Why? It’s simple: it is simply because I refuse to let something as beautiful as the emotion of love ( and not just in a carnal state) to leave me. I have loved people that hated me. I have loved people that didn’t care. I have loved those who don’t even know me. I’ve asked myself why for so many years and I still in ways have not figured it out. 

If you were to meet me today, I would hold out my hand and of course, say, ‘nice to meet you. A day or two later, it’s ‘welcome to the family’. I do this often, and it still really bogs the minds of some people. The only explanation I can come up with that makes sense is: look at us as a family, and not just the family that we know through blood, but the global family at large. Every family has its good and its bad, and also the downright evil ones to boot. Fore those that are fine, I treat them fine. Those that are bad, I give them an extra dose of love and try to help them through it, if possible. The evil? I just do away with it. Not too much different than in your own family dynamic. 

Yet every person that I know that I come into contact with simply does not get it. In fact, they have always considered me very odd, if not a little naive or perhaps thick. I just see it as me not willing to change simply because life decided to….. 

The Things You Learn As You Go…..

‘The Gatekeepers’ has been a baby of mine now for almost a year, and I still find myself awed by it…..

I mean, not to sound arrogant, but the truth of the matter was that I had written the first two books in the matter of a couple of months and in some ways, I still find it a bit eerie. My first novel had taken me nearly thirteen years to complete from first draft to the e-publishing process and yet here my cat was, right in front of me, waiting to tell me her story. 

In the novel, it is a he instead of a she, but the reader will get my point. In a matter of less than a year, I still think back to when I first began watching my former cat, Sugar, as she moved around my old apartment just sniffing the air and waving her tail this way and that. All I kept thinking was ‘what is inside your head, you little weirdo?’ Next thing I know, here Simon and his characters came and it was like a lightning bolt strike. 

Now, each and every day, I found this story evolving more and more to the point where at times I ask myself if my brain is going to be able to contain all of it. I mean, I have done so much with the first two books, that I feel that my mythology that is connected to them is forever expanding. It’s almost to the point where I am asking myself ‘where do I go now?’ 

Well, like how I describe The Entire , all I can do is see where the next node takes me….. 


Flash Fiction? Who Knows Maybe?

Hello all. I have been seeing a lot of posts about flash fiction and what people are doing. I am actually considering this so maybe some of you guys out there can give me some ideas? I write normally paranormal, dark fantasy, and suspense, and I have seen others create lists from random objects. So here is my challenge to you. Come up with one object and leave it in the comments box below. Out of the ones I choose I will do my best to write a flash fiction for you and post it here! 


Okay guys, I am waiting on you! 

An Apology…..

Hello all. It would seen that perhaps I may have made some statements in the past that may have curtailed my views as well as maybe offended a few people in the process. If this is the case I can only apologize and ask that we move on and let bygones be bygones. 

What I may have written in the past was an opinion, and it was specifically my own. As a writer, this is only how I feel about the situations that I had presented in the past. Right or wrong, however the reader may have viewed it , it is my take on things. How others choose to approach their literary life, that is their own business and I wish them continued success. Was there perhaps a little professional jealousy in there? I won’tr say no and I won’t say yes. Again, what I had stated was an opinion. 

All I can say is that I am sorry. I hope I will see you all soon. 

Allergies, Lasagna, and A Quiet Sunday

Hello everyone! Well, this is the first Sunday that I have had off in several months and it was still rather busy. There was a library run, getting coffee, etc, etc, and thinking about life in general as my employer has seemed to take a great interest of me as of late that has left me in a certain state of dismay. 

In any event, ‘The Gatekeepers’ looks to be still going as planned for its release next month as it stands now. The second book in the series , ‘Under The Hunting Moon’, has also been completed and am currently trying to get myself back together in order to get the ball rolling on this one as my publisher would like to release the second one as close to the first as possible. 

Also, the third book in this set, ‘The Sign Of The Twelve’, is already started and underway. I had attempted to write this one several times over the last few months, but it just did not feel as if the timing was right in those attempts. I had actually started the bare bones just last week and so far the desired effects that I have been wanting are taking well. I had found that I was just over-thinking it just a smidgen, and I had forgotten about how great simple books can be as well. So, I’m doing my best now not to move in so many different directions and ‘reign those ponies in’, as it were. So, all I can do is just keep moving forward and getting down to it when I can make some time. 

Anyway, just a quick update to everyone. Have a good Sunday and do your best to survive the Monday on its way! 

The Gig

Hello readers and followers! I just was thinking here tonight and reviewing in my head all of the blogs that I follow from authors such as myself. So far, I have to admit that I am happy for them, but in the same token a little stymied. 


Allow me to explain: I see so many others like myself that have posted on their blogs for tours that they are currently going on, the fifteen umpteen billion books that they are writing or have written or have got going on in their minds at the current time. I know that I am just as guilty as they are in some respects that I am finding it to be more and more of a common thread or theme. Real simply put: ‘Just look at how successful I am! I only had to give up everything in my life that mattered to get me there!’ 

While they have the pretty blogs that they pay for every month and the constant updates to their status on a daily basis, I find myself almost becoming blinded by the sheer inundation of this ‘look at me’ attitude. I’ll admit that I was like that at one time, but I found out that this attitude was not only making my writing suffer, it also in ways was making me suffer. How exactly? If a person becomes a writer just to make a name for herself and make money, then what are they exalting exactly? They are saying they can slap a name on a book and say here it is and I don’t exactly care whether it is good or not. 

When I started, I had made one great and extreme promise to myself, and every day I am still holding on to that promise: no matter where I make a million or I make a dime, I am not going to lose myself to the buzz of vanity run amok. Since I have made this promise to myself, my work has never come out better. 

Just a little food for thought……